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Kids Golf Training Tips - Liberry

Teaching your child the game of golf can be very challenging, however, with a few kids golf training tips the task can be very enjoyable. The tips I will be sharing with you here are meant for boys and girls ages five to twelve who are new to the game. It is important to remember why you are helping your child learn to play golf. The game is fun. It is something they can enjoy for the rest of their lives. If your child is not having fun hitting balls on the range, then they will lose interest and be turned off from the game. Make this quality time for you and your child and you both will reap the benefits.

When learning the game, the most important thing is that your child is having fun. If you were being taught something that you didn't enjoy how enthusiastic would you be? This isn't school, its a game. Take them to the driving range and let them swing away. It's OK to show them how to grip the club (the ten finger grip is usually the best one for little kids) and how to set up to the ball. If they resist these instructions then just forget about it and let them hit the ball however they want. Never correct them at this point. Your child is not there to learn something, they are there to have fun and spend time with you.

When you are at the range get a bucket of balls for yourself and one for your child. Take the spot behind them so you can keep an eye on them to make sure they are staying in a safe spot. Let them hit balls without trying to correct the obvious swing mistakes that you see. Believe it or not, little kids know when they hit a good one. They do not have all the swing thoughts going through their head like us adults do. Little kids actually have a better chance of repeating a good swing than most grownups.

Children love to be praised by their parents. When you see your little one make a good swing make sure you tell them how awesome the shot was. This will make them eager to do it again and earn more praise from you. Although your child will not realize it, they are actually learning something about the golf swing. If your little boy or girl is struggling to make contact, resist the urge to try to help them. If they ask you for help feel free to offer some basic instruction, but remember to keep it simple and fun.

Introducing your child to the great game of golf can be fun and rewarding for both the child and the parent. The most important thing to remember is golf for kids should be fun. The first few trips to the range or golf course will shape how they think of the game for many years to come. There really is no better way to spend time with your child than by playing the great game of golf.

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