How to choose toys for children

How to choose toys for children - Liberry

With the development of society and economy, There are more and more types of toy s on the market. This is a good new for kids, But there is a little difficult to parents to choose a suitable toy for kid

So, How can we choose a toy for children? We want to share some ideas and experience with you

When choosing toys, You need to know the following information: the purpose of the purchase, the kids' ages, the gender, the budget of purchase, the character of the child. etc.

1.The purpose of purchase :

We divide these purposes into the following series

①choose toys gift for own kids on special days, like his birthday, Christmas, etc

②Buy a gift for your friend kids

③When shopping with children

④Advertisement, influence recommend

For other kids, You can choose toys which package looks exquisite according to your budget. If you are choosing gifts for your children, you can choose toys that your children want or like, such as things your children have talked about before, because they might receive gifts like this:

If your children don't talk about it before or it exceeds your budget, You can choose to discuss co-financing or sponsorship whit him


Children of different ages have different points of interest and corresponding levels of growth and development (physical and psychological), so age is the first element we consider when choosing toys for children. 

You can't choose the Ludo for a baby who only one-year-old, and, It is not suitable to buy an electronic keyboard for a ten years old boy

①Babies aged 1-12 months: rattles, soft blocks, rollers, telescopic toys

②Children aged 1-3: building blocks (wooden, magnetic, etc.), beaded, telescopic toys

③Children 3-4 years old: building blocks, scooters, jigsaw puzzles, and other graphic cognition, shape cognition or language educational toys, leather balls, bubble toys, etc.

④Children aged 4-5: building blocks, simple logical thinking puzzle games, role-playing (dollhouse, engineer toolbox), a remote control car, children's bicycle, and other toys

⑤Children aged 5-6: creative building blocks, logic puzzle games with a certain degree of difficulty, some models that need to be assembled by hands, children's bicycles and other toys

⑥Children over 6 years old: Because this age group has entered the school-age stage, and children's autonomy is already strong. In toy selection, you can focus on some creative, novel toys or cute IP. Toys need to emphasize openness: such as electronic building blocks, high-powered telescopes, and deformable robots.


Although the gender differences in toys should not be overemphasized, in actual life, the gender differences between men and women using toys are quite obvious.

Boys: cars, airplanes, robots, engineering, telescopes, guns, and hands-on building blocks;

Girls: playhouse, dolls, crafts, beauty;

Boys, girls: puzzle games, dinosaur theme, universe theme;

4.Purchase budget

The purchase budget can be adjusted by different people. If you want some economical and practical toys, You can buy them on amazon according to sellers' feedback or reviews. And it is also a good idea to choose some new brands.

5.Child's character 

To understand the character of the child, the main hope is that the toy is more compatible with the child, and the child is more likely to like to play with your toy.

For example, for a 7 or 8-year-old boy who is usually active, you can choose to assemble a remote-controlled car, so that he can control and run, or you can choose a nerf soft bullet gun to let him experience being a hero shooter feel;

For example, a 7- or 8-year-old boy who is quiet and thinking, you can choose some brain-inspiring puzzle games or hand-assembled building blocks that you can play at home, such as electronic building blocks, Lego building blocks, etc.;

And for the quiet and cute little girl, you can choose a cute plush doll or some handmade toys

If you choose toys for your children, perhaps no matter what age, the best toy will always be a parent who accompanies the child to play.




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