Are too many toys a burden to children?

Are too many toys a burden to children? - Liberry

It is the most common consumer behavior that buys the toys for their kids, They always keep buying new toys for children and believe the seller and advertisement unconditionally .they think that as long as you buy it for children to play, they will get development in all aspects.

Unfortunately, In many cases, after buying a new toy, It is difficult for children to maintain enthusiasm for it. According to a survey, more than half can only maintain interest in the new toy for a few days at most

Are more toys the better?

Toys are not the more expensive the better. The soil, flowers, and plants are the best toys for babies

Cathy Silva, a professor of educational psychology at the University of Oxford in the United Kingdom, has conducted a follow-up survey of 3,000 children between the ages of 3 and 5 for several years. It was found that those children with fewer toys have a higher level of intelligence because their parents spend more time with them on reading, singing, and games.

She thinks too many toys will dispersion their attention. If they can't focus on playing, they can't learn from it.

and it is difficult for kids to choose what they want to play, it becomes a burden gradually.

Besides, too many toys exceed the child's psychological development needs, thereby reducing the child's interest and desire to explore.

Dr. Chen Xin, who studies infant psychology, said, "In fact, as long as you provide your baby with a wealth of and diverse items, you don't necessarily have to buy a lot of high-end toys.

When playing with my baby, I usually use words to describe this item while playing, Let him associate the nature of things with language, which is also a way to learn the language.

He understands the nature of things by touching, observing, smelling, and listening to his parents. This experience is rich and varied.

Therefore, a rich environment does not mean buying new toys continuously but depends on how parents guide their babies to use toys and other supplies.
The bottles and pots at home and the earth and flowers outdoors can be babies' "toys", and they can be an intermediary for them to understand the world.

Children's world cannot be without toys. But the value of toys depends on their quality, not quantity. Toys are to build the relationship between children and the world, to expand children's development space, good toys can create children's development space.

Choose toys scientifically according to the child's age and the law of physical and mental development, and with the correct guidance and company of parents, toys can play their correct role.





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